Online Presence “Must Do’s”

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Do you have a business? Are you trying to expand your side-gig? Are you trying to establish your brand and need another way to push your content? The first thing you need to do is establish an Online Presence. In 2020, an Online Presence is essential to expanding your business or brand. Here is the Top 5 must do’s for establishing your online presence.

  1. Create a Website/and or Blog – A website is your way of advertising your business or brand 24/7. This is a way for your potential customers or audience to come learn about what you have to offer. Also, ensure your website is responsive (mobile-friendly). The last thing you need is a user coming to your website on their phone and not being able to read your content. 
  2. Create and Use your Social Media Accounts – You should create an account on all major social media platforms and ensure you are posting on those platforms to ensure your voice is being heard. 
  3. What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – How many times have you found yourself typing into google “_____ near me”? If you’re like me, plenty. The top 10 results you find on that google search result page are the websites receiving the most attention. You need to implement SEO for your website. There are 100’s of different things you would need to do to get your website in those ranks. Start today or hire a digital marketing team to help you get there!
  4. Get Active Online! You should begin to visit blogs and directories that relate to your business or brand. Join discussions or add your website to those directories. The more channels you can create to your website the more traffic you get!
  5. Create a Google Business Account – Let’s face it, the more information you give Google, the more it likes you. Create yourself a Google Business Account (if you have a business) and begin asking your clients for reviews! This will build confidence when future potential customers come to view your website. 

These “Must Do’s” are essential to promoting your business or brand online. There are many more things you can do to enhance your business or brand. SEO specifically, will allow more users to find your website organically!

Feel free to reach out to River View Web anytime. We’re here to help establish and expand your Digital Presence!